In a nutshell: What differentiates me as a professional coach?

Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

19 years of full-time work as an executive coach, including 18 years internally, working with managers through C-suite executives across all major business functions.

Extensive experience in communications, financial services, healthcare, higher education, human resources, marketing, non-profits, religious organizations, technology, and telecommunications.

Multi-disciplinary, Humanities-informed mindset and coaching style, with a strong storytelling thread.

Unique thought leadership content on authentic human leadership in the context of complex, nuanced problems.

How I built my diverse, multi-disciplinary, professional toolbox


    Writing has been a consistent thread across my lifetime, deeply embedded in my professional and personal endeavors. As a journalist during the 1990s internet revolution, I simplified and explained complex and interconnected local, state, and national political, economic, and social issues. For more than 25 years, I’ve written content for marketing and communications teams as well as articles, books, and learning resources.

    Early 2000s

      As a United Methodist pastor during the tumultuous early 2000s, I encouraged people to transform their lives—and, ultimately, change many of their embedded behaviors—through the prism of a specific set of spiritual teachings. As a non-profit leader, I partnered with other local non-profits to collaborate on addressing shared human needs.

      This work helped me cultivate key behaviors I’ve been known for ever since, such as being fully present; demonstrating strong empathy; making the interaction all about the other person and their desired outcomes; asking unexpected questions that help people surface, unpack, and resolve their pain points and goals; and sharing metaphors and stories that enhance others’ insights, clarity, and idea retention.

      While working as a financial advisor with Morgan Stanley, just before the financial crisis, I influenced clients to “think beyond the immediate” and implement long-term, strategic investment planning for a more secure financial future. This time period also provided me with hands-on marketing and sales experience, while accelerating my skills in networking and relationship building.


      Since 2005

        All of these diverse experiences amid constant changes populated my professional “tool box” and shaped my frameworks and mental models, paving the way for me to embark on an 18-year-journey as an internal corporate human resources professional coach, consultant, and facilitator while also serving external clients.  I’ve operated my own full-time small business since 2023, John M. DeMarco, LLC.


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