“John and I worked together in the past year to strategize my organization’s desire to integrate security into the cultural fabric of our company. Although John supported the entire enterprise and had competing priorities, he always made me feel like his only customer.”

Dominique DeVaux Jeffords

Cybersecurity Leader, T-Mobile

“It never feels like developing and coaching others is his job; but rather, it always simply feels like a conversation with someone you have known for a long time.”

Joy Munoz

Director, People Business Partner, Guild

“John has been integral in my growth both personally and professionally as his intuitive coaching style has pushed my thoughts and goals outside the scope of what I thought was possible.”

Ron Smith

Sales Leader, T-Mobile

“John consistently provides a strong perspective for his clients’ needs and has been one of the most influential and business savvy leaders with his work with executives.”

Michelle Cone

Sr Talent Manager, Microsoft

John’s highly consultative approach to executive development is exceptional and unique. No two products he delivers are the same – each is a unique form of art that comes out with exceptional polish and shine.”

John Diefenbach

Sales Executive

Nina Hurst

Sr Manager, Finance, T-Mobile

“From his delivery of MBTI, competency curriculum, leadership development strategies, and business proposals John’s ability to connect with his audience, regardless of the delivery method, is his true gift that resulted in high adoption rates of the participants and improved bench strength of the organization.”

Brian Copanas

VP of Transformation

“John possesses an impressive set of skills and talents that set him apart in the world of business. He is a brilliant writer and his presentation skills are equally impressive, as he thoughtfully engages and inspires audiences.”

Danielle Pike

Sales Leader, T-Mobile

“Working with John, you’ll notice that his strengths lie in Storytelling, both writing and speaking, as well as coaching. You’ll be impressed by his charisma and ability to connect with an audience. John has the rare talent of conveying complex ideas in an accessible and relatable manner. His presentations are not just informative but also inspiring, leaving a lasting impact on those fortunate enough to attend.”

Candice Tabone

Sr Business Systems Analyst, T-Mobile