In the vibrant musical Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda brings to life the story of Alexander Hamilton through a fusion of hip-hop, R&B, and traditional show tunes.

The cast, a diverse ensemble representing America’s varied demographics, challenges the conventional narratives of the nation’s founding. This groundbreaking work not only redefines historical storytelling but also embodies the principles of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).

As we witness characters from different backgrounds and experiences shaping the fabric of the nation, we see a powerful metaphor for the importance of diverse voices in our society today.

The elements of creative works such as musicals can offer many parallels to DE&I concepts. Here’s a few other genres to consider:

DE&I and Mythology

Mythology serves as a metaphor for DEI by illustrating the power of diverse narratives and the importance of every voice. Just as mythology brings together gods, heroes, and creatures from various cultures to tell universal stories, DEI initiatives strive to bring together individuals from different backgrounds, each contributing unique perspectives and experiences.

This collective mixture enriches our understanding of humanity and fosters a more inclusive society. By celebrating a pantheon of diverse identities and experiences, we can create a more equitable world where all stories are valued and heard. Embrace the diversity in your organization like a rich tapestry of mythology, where each thread strengthens the whole.

DE&I and Sketching

Sketching, like DEI, involves seeing the world from multiple perspectives and bringing diverse elements together to create a cohesive image. Just as an artist uses different strokes and shades to capture the full complexity of a subject, DEI efforts involve understanding and integrating a variety of experiences and viewpoints to create a more complete and equitable picture of our communities.

Encouraging diverse voices in the artistic process ensures a richer, more inclusive representation of reality. By fostering environments where everyone feels empowered to contribute their unique “sketches,” we build a more inclusive society. Approach your DEI initiatives with the same creativity and openness as an artist with a blank canvas.

DE&I and Jazz

Jazz, with its roots in African American culture and its blend of diverse musical traditions, is a powerful metaphor for DEI. The genre thrives on improvisation and collaboration, where musicians from different backgrounds come together to create something greater than the sum of its parts.

This mirrors the essence of DEI, where diverse perspectives and talents are harmonized to foster innovation and resilience. Just as jazz musicians listen and adapt to each other, organizations must cultivate environments where all members feel heard and valued, allowing for dynamic and inclusive growth. Embrace the spirit of jazz in your DEI efforts, promoting a culture of collaboration and creativity.

DE&I and Filmmaking

Filmmaking, as a medium that tells stories through the lens of diverse perspectives, aligns closely with DEI principles. A film’s success often depends on the inclusion of varied voices both in front of and behind the camera, reflecting a tapestry of human experiences.

DEI in filmmaking ensures that stories from all communities are told, fostering empathy and understanding among audiences. By prioritizing diversity in storytelling, casting, and production, filmmakers can challenge stereotypes and highlight underrepresented narratives. Let your DEI initiatives reflect the inclusive storytelling of filmmaking, ensuring that every story has the chance to be told and every voice is heard.

DE&I and Literature

Literature, with its ability to capture the breadth of human experience through words, serves as a profound metaphor for DEI. Just as diverse authors contribute to a richer literary canon, incorporating DEI into organizational practices ensures a multiplicity of voices and experiences are recognized and valued.

Literature fosters empathy by allowing readers to see the world through different eyes; similarly, DEI initiatives promote understanding and inclusion by valuing each person’s unique perspective. By supporting diverse authors and inclusive narratives, we can build a more equitable society that celebrates and learns from its varied experiences.

Champion DEI in your organization as you would a diverse library, ensuring every story is valued and shared.

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