“But many have more nuanced views that lie somewhere in the middle,” says the writer of this article in The Brown Daily Herald, regarding the protests that have proliferated across American college campuses this spring.

One of our country’s biggest contemporary weaknesses is its inability or unwillingness to examine nuances while holding opposable ideas in dynamic tension.

Many politicians and media megaphone holders exploit this weakness, drunk on power, sowing more division through manipulation, lies, and subterfuge.

They know that most people are too busy, distracted, or overwhelmed to examine the facts from multiple vantage points. They count on the reality that laypeople tend to find comfort in their longstanding beliefs, are afraid to question them, and prefer echo chambers that reinforce them.

In 2024 America, the loudest voices that penetrate the white noise define narrative and policy. Facts are increasingly relative and differences have been elevated to fatal insults.

We need more questions and less head-nodding. We need more critical thinking (which is courageous) and less absolutism (which is cowardly).

Absolutism is easier. Absolutism is more popular. Absolutism sells. Absolutism gets people fired up.

And absolutism widens divisions, leaves complex problems unsolved, and kills or marginalizes countless people.

And not just through overt violence.

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